• NYS Dignity Act

    A student’s ability to learn and to meet high academic standards, and a school's ability to educate its students is compromised by incidents of discrimination or harassment including bullying, taunting, or intimidation. The Dignity Act makes it the official policy of New York State that all students in public schools have the right to an education free of discrimination and harassment.

    A key principle in the Dignity Act relates to material incidents of harassment and discrimination. The Department has proposed regulations to the Board of Regents that would define material incidents of harassment and discrimination to include:

    a single incident or a series of related incidents where a student is subjected to harassment and/or discrimination by a student or school employee on school property or at a school function that creates a hostile environment by conduct, with or without physical contact and/or by verbal threats, intimidation or abuse, of such a severe or pervasive nature that:
    has or would have the effect of unreasonably interfering with a student’s educational performance, opportunities or benefits, or mental, emotional and/or physical well-being; or
    reasonably causes or would reasonably be expected to cause a student to fear for his or her physical safety.

    Material incidents of harassment and discrimination include, but are not limited to: threats, intimidation or abuse based on a person’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practices, disability, sexual orientation, gender (including gender identity or expression), or sex.

    If you need to make a report to the School Principal or Mrs. DiDiego, the Garrison School Dignity Act Coordinators, you may do so by calling 845-424-3689 ext. 230 (School Principal) or 845-424-3689 ext. 373 (Mrs. DiDiego) or emailing them directly. 

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